Save thousands of dollars by purchasing your next new car through MVM.  Our buying power ensures you get the best price available first time, every time.  Contact us and let us show you how we can help.

Whether you are thinking about purchasing a car and need some advice or know exactly what you want and, when you want it MVM can help.

At MVM we simplify the process of buying a car by giving you the best price upfront. Our experience, buying power and extensive network of contacts and attention to detail provide a unique service that we are very proud to offer.

We can even trade your vehicle and offer finance through our colleagues who offer exceptional rates and a similar service ethos.

Don’t spend your valuable time walking in and out of dealerships. Contact us now, you won’t regret it.

What is the fee for your service?

MVM do not charge an additional fee for our service.  The final ‘drive away’ price includes a fee for our service and an exceptional discount!

If I purchase a new vehicle through MVM will I still be entitled to the factory warranty/capped servicing & roadside assist (if applicable)?

Yes, it is exactly the same as purchasing the vehicle from a dealer in this regard.

Do I have to get my car serviced at the dealer you purchase from?

No you do not, the vehicle can be serviced at any dealership or qualified mechanical workshop in Australia.

Do MVM trade used vehicles?

Yes we do, and it can be very easily arranged.

Do you offer advice on what kind of car to buy?

Absolutely, and we are able to offer advice across any brand. We often have people coming to us with just a budget in mind.

I have decided on a make and model where do I go from here?

MVM will source pricing from our extensive dealer network, we will also give you an eta for delivery on your preferred colour.